Warehouse Optimization

Optimizing warehouse consumption is something that all Snowflake users are focused on. In Sundeck, we provide a number of built-in features to help manage and mitigate excessive spend.

Poor-man's Autoscale

Want to scale load to an overflow warehouse based on load spikes but lack access to Snowflake Enterprise? Use Sundeck to automatically route work to a second warehouse when demand suggests.

Make X-Small The New Standard

Use a small warehouse as the default warehouse for most workloads. Then adaptively route heavy queries to a larger warehouse.

Shut the front door

When queries complete during idle times, shutdown the Snowflake warehouse immediately. Avoid waiting until the next minute.

Quiet Consolidation

It might make sense to have several warehouses divided out by team during the workday but probably not at other times. On evenings and weekends, collapse to a single warehouse to avoid waste.

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