User Help & Guardrails

There are a number of ways that users can stub their toes in misunderstanding data or execution operations that waste large amounts of money. Sundeck comes with a rich set of pre-configured guardrails, to watch out for these query patterns and stop them before they ever reach Snowflake.

Death to all count distincts

Count distincts are one of the most expensive operations a database can do. Luckily, approximate count distinct works just as well for most use cases. If someone is using count distinct instead of the approximate, reject the query and inform them of the alternative. (Or alternatively, replace count distincts automatically with approximate count distinct.)

Just the (necessary) facts, ma'am

We've all seen the brutal SELECT * from MASSIVE_FACT_TABLE query. No predicate nor selective set of columns. Just a lot of work for little purpose. With Sundeck, use flows to automatically reject queries against large tables that aren't filtered appropriately.

Equality is better than inequality

It's true in our society and also in databases. Inequality joins can make operations far more expensive. Sundeck can watch for inequality joins and makes sure the right users can execute them but others cannot.

Don't forget that condition

While a lot of joins only require a single condition, there are also those tables where multiple conditions are required and are not immediately obvious. Forgetting can hurt everyone--best case, it results in extra resource consumption. Worse case, users make incorrect conclusions from data. Why not just nip that in the bud? Just tell Sundeck the specific join conditions expected for table pairings, and reject the query if those conditions don't exist.

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