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Sundeck doesn't just allow increased control, it also allows increased creativity. Some of the most useful patterns are ones that simplify how people work with Snowflake.

Let me query `that`, too

For anyone who has used Snowflake a lot, they've noticed that there are several constructs that cannot be directly referenced in a query. Examples include SHOW commands and DDL statements. Sundeck automatically allows the use of backticks to automatically expand any subquery, including those not normally allowed above. Sidenote: this is also a fun way to ensure a query is executed in a certain sequence to help the optimizer!

Python is better than SQL!?

Want to run Python in Snowflake without a bunch of scafollding? Sundeck can allow you to submit Python code directly to Snowflake. Execute your own Python script composing data from any environment that knows how to submit Snowflake queries.

Show me the grants!

Security in Snowflake is powerful. It's also recursive. That recursion means that it is often more difficult to get the data you actually want when trying to understand object permissions. Rather than trying to remember a bunch of complex recursive queries, just use Sundeck's SHOW RECURSIVE GRANTS command.

Prime Directive

Want to override Snowflake behavior for a specific query without having to make it into multiple operations? This can easily be accomplished using Sundeck's custom hooks for directives. Reroute to a different warehouse, set a timeout, bypass the Sundeck flows, etc, all using sugared directives.

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